How to order


Mail: P.O Box 314, Canterbury 3126

Phone: 0412 154 540

ABN: 46 369 090458

Individual badge = $5 per badge including postage

Orders of 25 badges or more  = $4 per badge including postage

Order: Online or
Order: Online & pay by credit card

Local Government

Local Councils have been presenting this badge to new Australian Citizens for over a decade.
It makes a wonderful memento at citizenship ceremonies in every state and territory.



Students can wear the badge with pride on their uniform.
Consider purchasing a quantity of Aussie Pride badges to recognise:

  • School leadership roles
  • Students/teachers travelling interstate or overseas
  • Tour groups visiting the school



All Entities / Users

Wattle on our Australian coat of arms
Wattle on our Australian coat of arms
  • Achievement or encouragement awards
  • Centenary of Anzac Day
  • National Wattle Day – 1st Sept
  • National Flag Day – 3rd Sept